3 Practical Ways of Using AI to Improve Your Writing Skills

3 Practical Ways of Using AI to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is a creative profession that appears in different forms such as blogging, copywriting, journalism, and many others. It is a profession where the rewards, when done right are quite bountiful, but also where many give up because it is also a profession that contains a lot of tedious work like generating new ideas, writing them out, proofreading, paraphrasing to sit better with the readers exists. With the advent of AI, especially the recent breakthrough with GPT-3, much of this tedious workflow can be automated. After researching through a lot of existing AI products, I have incorporated AI into my blogging workflow and I am thankful I did. I am writing this article so that you can too drastically enhance both the quality of your articles and reduce the amount of time spent on each of them. But first......

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a field that strives to simulate the abilities of the human brain. It can, however, only be effective at its best when it leverages information from both the practical and the theoretical aspects of computer science. The recent breakthrough with GPT-3 is a complete example of that, as the AI system is based on a database of 100,000 quotes that are tagged with their sentiment. GPT-3 incorporates the language structure of the source text and tags it with a set of more than 10,000 different emotions, such as happiness, anger, disgust, surprise, awe, and so on. The system then picks the top 10% of those for a professional validation.


GPT-3 is a novel artificial intelligence (AI) writing program that can rapidly prototype complex ideas, solve complex problems, and write compelling long-form content such as blog posts, whitepapers, business reviews, and product descriptions that can be used to sell and market your products to buyers across a wide range of online marketplaces. Developed by engineers from Accurank, LENAR, and SR Research Labs, GPT-3’s unique property allows it to " learn by doing " — i.e., continuously improve its learning by absorbing new input as it iterates — and solve complex problems efficiently using simple rules based on its internal structure.

Keep in mind, that when I say I don't simply refer to GPT-3 but also other AI(NLP) programs that help with sentence reforming, grammar checking....etc

Why should you use AI to help with your writing?

1. AI is data-driven. This means that AI is not dependent on your industry knowledge. If you write about gardening, for instance, it won't perform like a bot written for a sports blog. It will, instead, cater to the niche you are writing in and then provide you with relevant information.

2. AI works hard for you. It doesn't sit around waiting for you to come back and write something. It will gather information from different sources and then identify if your ideas are sound and are in line with the industry's needs. If they are, then it will synthesize them into a story, take out the unnecessary word and style of writing, and produce a publishable piece of literature that will be well worth publishing.

3. AI can write without plagiarism. You don't have to break your head or your wallet for the tools that check for plagiarism cause when you use AI, you can be sure the article is almost or mostly plagiarism-free.

4. AI writing can reduce the time taken for an article to get to publication without the reduction of quality.

If these reasons cannot convince you to start using AI in your workflow.........nahh I am pretty solid you're sold already.

3 Methods To Improve Your Writing with AI

The three ways are to literally use AI for writing your content, just different parts of it........

HOLD UP!! HOLD UP!! Let me explain, so for every article, there are parts such as

Headline, Intro, Section 1-3( can be any number) which introduce the context of the article and some required preliminary knowledge like in this article case, the sections "What is AI", " GPT-3", and "Why should you use AI for your writing". Then there are the Sections 4-6 which are the meat of the article like in this case, they would be this section and the next section. Finally, there would be the Conclusion where you end the article making the user leave after they reap as much benefit as they can from the article.

Before we move forward, let's say we have an article idea and a good intro in mind.

The first method to improve your writing using AI is to make your headline much more appealing to both users and SEO. This is perhaps one of the if not the most important part of your article. No reader will know how great your article is if no one reads it right. I mention products that do this in the later sections, but for now, let's move on.

After you figure out your Headline and introduction's part, the second method to improve your writing using AI is to automate generating your sections that are mostly factual. You can use AI products that are mentioned in the sections below for generating Sections 1-3 cause these sections tend to be more fact-based, and there is not much scope( definitely not none) where you can add your own "flair" or "style" of writing. In such cases, you can leave these kinds of tasks to the AI to generate the content for these sections which also makes sure to keep plagiarism in check and lets you save time from researching the same thing, the AI can do in much less time arguably in a better way. Even ignoring the fact that time is money, your articles reach the publication stage much faster.

I like to write my meaty sections (Sections 4-6) to add my own "flair" but even this can be automated to an extent including the Conclusion. Another added benefit for this is that if you are lazy like me, it automatically generates a Map of Contents section if you are one of those writers who likes to include it.

After you have your entire article lined out, the third method to improve your writing using AI is to iron out the final details so as to make sure your article is easily readable and understandable by people from all backgrounds. Again, related products are mentioned in the next section.

AI products that can Improve Your Writing

This is the section you all been waiting for!! In this section, I write AI products you can use to write the specific parts of your article.

Headline and Intro's:

Headline Studio

This is a tool that I use which is not exactly AI but is definitely one of the best headline evaluators I have come across

Headline Studio by CoSchedule: Write Better Headlines
The Headline Analyzer that will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

I used it for optimizing the headline for this article as well.


Here each premium headline gives you 25 revisions so for 10$ you get 250 revisions.

For Intro's, I mostly make them on my own and fine-tune them.

Sections 1-3:

Write Sonic

By far from what I have seen, this AI product can do almost everything a Content creator/ Marketer/ SEO would require.

AI Copywriting Tool | Marketing Copy In Seconds | Writesonic
Use the world’s most advanced AI copywriter to generate your marketing copy in seconds! Create high-performing Blogs, Product Descriptions, Ads, and landing pages.

I forgot to screenshot the end result, but basically it would give you everything that you can already publish as an article by itself. It also allows generates and allows you to edit sections in your article before writing content for each of them. You can also for a limited number of times make the application rewrite a particular section for free.


I feel that for a regular writer, the starter pack is enough, especially since there is a sale for 60% of going on right now.

AI Writer

Another great content writing AI tool, but is not as flexible as Write sonic where you can add and edit sections of your article individually. Another con would be that, once it creates an article, you are stuck with it. You cannot ask it to rewrite or customize it, and if you don't like the article, all you can do is to ask it to write a new one but this action consumes computing units which is currency used for writing articles in this product.

Even considering all the cons, it definitely generates smooth flowing articles, and I was satisfied most of the time.

AI Writer™ - The best AI Text Generator, promised.
THE article writer that automatically writes SEO friendly, high-quality articles for your website. Sounds too good? Test the article writer now, it’s free!


Sections 4-6, Conclusion:

Personally, I don't use any products here, but you can use Write sonic and AI writer here as well

Final Sprint towards publication:

After I finish my draft article( by which I mean all the sections from Headline to Conclusion), I use the following AI products for ironing out the finer details before publising it.


I guess this is that one app that doesn't need any introductions, but had to put it here since it too is another NLP(AI) program which checks for spelling and grammar.

Grammarly’s free writing app will make sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.


If your a student, I believe you should be able to get it for free.

Heming way

Another program that helps check your article for fine tuning it, but I generally stick with Grammarly most of the time

Hemingway Editor

Pricing: FREE


This is another great tool that I accidentally came across which helps in paraphrasing your sentences, absolutely mind blown with it's results.

Paraphrasing Tool | QuillBot AI
QuillBot’s paraphrasing, summarizing and grammar checker tools are trusted by millions worldwide to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, or articles using state-of-the-art AI.

This is mostly used for removing plagarism, but this joke on reddit about it really got me.


  1. Losing that personalization or your voice to your audience - It's a fine line
  2. Not very customizable - The AI to an extent gives out a general output and it's your task to customize it to your use case
  3. Relatively expensive - If your a student or unemployed, then I don't think you should get these subscriptions, but if you have money to spare or are serious about having writing as a career, I believe it's a worthwhile investment


For the last decade or so, content creation has been quite taxing. The challenge to maintain a balance between being readable for humans and being effective for SEO is hard to achieve. Not every human out there is up to the task. The usual solution comes in the form of talented individuals who have great writing skills and a good understanding of SEO techniques. This combination can be quite pricey though.

While AI may be an overused term these days, it definitely carries a lot of weight in the writing industry and how it is being used is both exciting and frightening at the same time. AI has the potential to impact the writing process by introducing automated tools, editing of existing articles, creating new ones, and then finally the perfect style guide that can help in the creation of new articles on a continuous basis, automating the process of writing, and in the end creating better, more accurate, and impactful content to drive traffic. It is a bit of a wait-and-watch period before it starts to work its magic in the creative writing industry.